With both of us starting our vegan journey by taking part in Veganuary 3 years ago and with this year being the most signed up to event yet, we wanted to make sure we support you all in this journey. To start with, we’ve put together a simple guide to help make sure you’re drinking as well as eating vegan. You can read it here.

Vegan Wine Subscription Boxes

But why isn’t wine vegan?

If you’re unsure why wine isn’t vegan, the short answer is because of the fining agents used in wine. These can be egg whites, milk proteins, beef gelatine or isinglass from fish. These are used to remove impurities from the wine. This is a contentious subject in the wine making community with many thinking it’s just a shortcut to producing good wine. If you want to read more about this subject, you can do so here.

Veganuary Offers

Finally, to make your lives even better while you undertake this rewarding but slightly daunting challenge, we’ve put together some special offers for you. Allowing you to see Veganuary through with some delicious wine in hand.

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