Welcome to our selection of vegan white wine. We stock a wide range of wines made with white grapes, including the following well known ones:

Making white wine

The basic steps for making white wine are as follows:

  1. Pick the grapes (by hand or machine).
  2. Crush the grapes.
  3. Press the grapes to separate the skin from the juice.
  4. Leave the juice to ferment. This fermentation stage can last from 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. Age the wine in suitable vessels (tanks, oak barrels, concrete eggs etc).
  6. Stabilise the wine (filtration and/or finings).
  7. Bottle the wine.

It is the stabilising wine stage (fining specifically) that determines if the wine is vegan or not. Some wines are not filtered or fined, therefore they will automatically be vegan. If a wine is fined, then as long as non-animal derived finings are used (for example, clay, pea protein or charcoal), you will have a vegan white wine. You can read more about this in Vegan Wine.

White wines are more often not vegan than red wines because they are transparent, and therefore a bit of sediment has nowhere to hide! This is worth remembering, just because your favourite red is vegan, it doesn’t necessarily mean the white from the same vineyard is. Of course a natural wine, will often be a little cloudy.

The decision to fine or not is up to the winemaker and may even vary year by year depending on the quality of grapes. Often high quality wines and wines made in small batches are less likely to use any fining agents, instead allowing gravity to naturally settle the sediments to the bottom of the tanks before removing the clear wine (racking). 

Browse our selection of vegan white wines below:

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  • Montecillo Blanco Vegan Wine

    Montecillo Blanco 2018

    A vegan white Rioja. Expect flavours of pear, toast, cream and almonds. This is a richly flavoured delicious wine from the heart of the Rioja Alta.

    not rated £13.50
  • Polgoon Sauvignon Blanc Vegan Wine

    Polgoon Sauvignon Blanc 2019

    A single varietal Sauvignon Blanc from Cornwall! This is a beautiful wine with its own distinctive characteristic that is different to a French or New Zealand Sauvignon.

    not rated £15.95
  • Les Hauts de Milly Chablis Vegan Wine

    Les Hauts de Milly Chablis 2018

    This Chablis has the classic gunflint and wet stone characteristics you’d expect along with aromas of citrus, green apple and a hint of apricot. Overall this Chablis has excellent acidity with an enjoyable minerality. The fact it’s also organic is a bonus.

    not rated £22.99
  • Willowglen Gewurztraminer Riesling Non-Alcoholic Vegan Wine

    Willowglen Gewürztraminer Riesling Non-Alcoholic 0.0%

    This non-alcoholic wine has the floral notes you’d expect from the Gewürztraminer combined with a gentle acidity from the Riesling.

    not rated £5.99
  • Polgoon Seyval and Ortega Vegan Wine

    Polgoon Seyval Blanc & Ortega White 2016

    A delightful English wine that has a floral and honeysuckle nose. On the palate, you get white peach and grape flavours with a butterscotch richness from the oak, all finished off with a gentle acidity.

    not rated £14.95
  • Chateau de Santenay Clos de la Chaise Dieu Vegan Wine

    Château de Santenay Clos de la Chaise Dieu Monopole 2016

    This Hautes Côtes de Beaune Chardonnay typifies wines from this region. It has plenty of white stone fruit flavours, a good creamy texture and balanced acidity. All in all a very good white Burgundy for the price.

    not rated £19.99
  • The Treat Yo Self Selection

    The Treat Yo Self Selection

    The treat yo self vegan wine selection is our premium selection of those truly special wines for occasions. Each one will be an experience and you will truly appreciate the craft that goes into these wines.

    not rated £120.00
  • LEVIN Sauvignon Blanc (IGP VL) 2011 Vegan Wine

    Levin Sauvignon Blanc (IGP VL) 2011

    This is an outstanding organic Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire. This wine is still very fresh and zesty but starting to develop beautifully in the bottle; it is more full-bodied and is also starting to show some signs of age (honey/caramel/nutty notes).


    not rated £18.99
  • Domaine des Ballandors Quincy Sauvignon Blanc Vegan Wine

    Domaine des Ballandors, Quincy 2019

    This Sauvignon Blanc is a pale lemon in colour with aromas of citrus fruits, gooseberry and some herbaceous notes. On the palate, the citrus fruits are still present with a little granny smith apple thrown in. The wine has refreshing acidity with some mineral characteristics and a long finish.

    not rated £17.99
  • Caprichos Chardonnay Macabeo Vegan Wine

    Caprichos Chardonnay Macabeo 2019

    A simple easy drinking wine made from a blend of Chardonnay and Macabeo. This wine is packed with fruit and is crisp and refreshing. As a result, it’s perfect for a hot summer’s day.

    not rated £8.50

Photo by Nacho Domínguez Argenta on Unsplash