Welcome to our selection of vegan red wine. We stock wines covering a wide range of red grapes, including the following well known ones:

Vegan red wine
Red wine grapes

Making red wine

At a very high level, red wine is made as follows:

  1. Pick the grapes (by hand or machine).
  2. Crush the grapes.
  3. Leave the crushed grapes to ferment (skin on). This fermentation stage can be anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks.
  4. Collect the liquid (free run wine) from the fermentation tanks and press the skins to extract more flavour and tannins (press wine). The winemaker can choose to blend the free run wine and press wine at this stage, after ageing or not at all depending on their preference.
  5. Age the wine in suitable vessels (tanks, oak barrels, concrete eggs etc).
  6. Stabilise the wine (filtration and/or finings).
  7. Bottle the wine.

It is the stabilising wine stage (fining specifically) that determines if the wine is vegan or not. Some wines are not filtered or fined, in which case they will be vegan. If a wine is fined, then as long as non-animal derived finings are used (for example, clay, pea protein or charcoal), you will have a vegan red wine. You can read more about this in Vegan Wine.

Typically red wine is more likely to be vegan than its white counterparts, simply because the colour of the wine is more forgiving if a tiny bits of sediment remain. White wines on the other hand must be perfectly clear (unless natural!), otherwise they will likely be deemed faulty.

The decision to fine or not is up to the winemaker and may even vary year by year depending on the quality of grapes. Often high quality wines and wines made in small batches are less likely to use any fining agents, instead allowing gravity to naturally settle the sediments to the bottom of the tanks before removing the clear wine (racking). 

Browse our selection of vegan red wines below:

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  • Poggiotondo Chianti Classico Vegan Wine

    Poggiotondo Terre di Cresci Chianti Classico 2016

    An organic Chianti Classico made from a blend of mostly Sangiovese, with a little Canaiolo (6%) and Colorino (4%). Made with old vines for added complexity and depth of flavour.

    not rated £20.99
  • Overground Tannat Vegan Wine

    Viña Progreso Overground Tannat 2018

    A beautiful full-bodied Tannat from Uruguay. You can expect plenty of black fruit flavours, smoke and spice in this wonderful wine.

    not rated £20.99
  • Château Larose Perganson Haut-Médoc Vegan Wine

    Chateau Larose Perganson Haut Medoc 2014

    Chateau Larose Perganson Haut Medoc is a deep ruby in colour with blackberries and spice on the nose. On the palate, it has black fruit flavours, good structure and a long finish. This is a classic Bordeaux blend from the Haut Medoc that punches above its weight.

    not rated £24.99
  • Willunga 100 McLaren Vale Cabernet Shiraz Vegan Wine

    Willunga 100 McLaren Vale Cabernet Shiraz 2016

    This Cabernet Shiraz from McLaren Vale is a classic Aussie blend because it is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Shiraz. The resulting wine is full-bodied with the bold Shiraz characteristics really coming through on the palate with intense cherry flavours and spice.

    not rated £12.50
  • A Growers Touch Durif Vegan Wine

    A Growers Touch Durif 2019

    This is a bold spicy wine with a mix of red and black fruits, some coconut and vanilla, and a little spice. This wine is powerful and delicious with soft silky tannins.

    not rated £9.99
  • Casa Ferreirinha Douro Tinto Vegan Wine

    Casa Ferreirinha Douro Tinto 2017

    Red fruit including strawberry and raspberry mingle with the flavours of oak and slight black pepper. A great wine with food or on its own.

    not rated £12.49
  • Montecillo Gran Reserva Rioja Vegan Wine

    Montecillo Gran Reserva Rioja 2009

    A well made Rioja from Montecillo that has all the hallmarks of a classic Gran Reserva Rioja. It’s a complex wine with flavours of cherry, dried fruit, nuts, spice and a little vanilla.

    not rated £19.99
  • The Treat Yo Self Selection

    The Treat Yo Self Selection

    The treat yo self vegan wine selection is our premium selection of those truly special wines for occasions. Each one will be an experience and you will truly appreciate the craft that goes into these wines.

    not rated £120.00
  • Baron de Badassière Carignan Vegan Wine

    Baron de Badassière Carignan 2019

    This Carignan is fresh, fruity and easy to drink. We think it’s like a summer pudding in a glass, which may sound odd but it’s delightful.

    not rated £9.50
  • The French Selection

    The French Selection

    Love French red wine? Then this is the selection for you! The selection consists of a mix of our best selling French reds.

    not rated £80.00

Photo by Nacho Domínguez Argenta on Unsplash