Welcome to our selection of vegan red wine. We stock wines covering a wide range of red grapes, including the following well known ones:

Vegan red wine
Red wine grapes

Making red wine

At a very high level, red wine is made as follows:

  1. Pick the grapes (by hand or machine).
  2. Crush the grapes.
  3. Leave the crushed grapes to ferment (skin on). This fermentation stage can be anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks.
  4. Collect the liquid (free run wine) from the fermentation tanks and press the skins to extract more flavour and tannins (press wine). The winemaker can choose to blend the free run wine and press wine at this stage, after ageing or not at all depending on their preference.
  5. Age the wine in suitable vessels (tanks, oak barrels, concrete eggs etc).
  6. Stabilise the wine (filtration and/or finings).
  7. Bottle the wine.

It is the stabilising wine stage (fining specifically) that determines if the wine is vegan or not. Some wines are not filtered or fined, in which case they will be vegan. If a wine is fined, then as long as non-animal derived finings are used (for example, clay, pea protein or charcoal), you will have a vegan red wine. You can read more about this in Vegan Wine.

Typically red wine is more likely to be vegan than its white counterparts, simply because the colour of the wine is more forgiving if a tiny bits of sediment remain. White wines on the other hand must be perfectly clear (unless natural!), otherwise they will likely be deemed faulty.

The decision to fine or not is up to the winemaker and may even vary year by year depending on the quality of grapes. Often high quality wines and wines made in small batches are less likely to use any fining agents, instead allowing gravity to naturally settle the sediments to the bottom of the tanks before removing the clear wine (racking). 

Browse our selection of vegan red wines below:

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  • Case of red wine

    The Big and Bold Red Selection

    The big and bold vegan wine selection consists of reds from around the world that have big, bold flavours. Includes favourites such as a Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    not rated £70.00
  • A Growers Touch Cabernet Sauvignon Vegan Wine

    A Growers Touch Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

    Cassis & Blackberries abound with a gentle touch of oak giving delightfully smooth tannins and a thoroughly drinkable wine.

    not rated £9.99
  • A Growers Touch Shiraz Vegan Wine

    A Growers Touch Shiraz 2019

    Forest fruits, blackberries, spice and chocolate. Bursting with flavour it has smooth velvety tannins.

    not rated £9.99
  • Château Los Boldos Carmenère Vegan Wine

    Château Los Boldos Carmenère 2019

    This Chilean Carmenère is everything you’d expect. It’s a powerful, full-bodied wine with a mix of red and black fruits, spice and some rounding chocolate notes.

    not rated £9.50
  • Out of Stock
    Boschendal Lanoy Vegan Wine

    Boschendal Lanoy 2017

    Lanoy is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is a classic Bordeaux blend from the Southern hemisphere with plenty of dark fruit and spice.

    not rated £9.50
  • The Organic Vegan Wine Selection

    The Organic Vegan Wine Selection

    A delicious selection of red, white and sparkling wines where the grapes are grown organically. The selection consists of 3 x red, 2 x white and 1 x Prosecco.

    not rated £88.00
  • Brampton Shiraz Vegan Wine

    Brampton Shiraz 2016

    Black cherries and rich plums are abound in this bold red. Underlying floral notes and some spicy clove give added complexity. Some gentle oak enhances the fruit intensity.

    not rated £9.50
  • Serbal Pinot Noir Vegan Wine

    Serbal Pinot Noir 2018

    A classic Pinot Noir… except this one is from Argentina! This is a deliciously drinkable wine with big flavours of cherries and red fruit.

    not rated £14.50
  • Anubis Malbec Vegan Wine

    Anubis Malbec 2018

    This is a superb fruity Malbec. It has lots of juicy red fruit flavours with soft round tannins, which makes for a very easy drinking wine that is good on its own or with food.

    not rated £12.99
  • Silent Noise Shiraz Vegan Wine

    Silent Noise Shiraz 2017

    Spiced dark chocolate, berries and herbal notes. Creamy smooth tannins complement this well balanced wine.

    not rated £13.99

Photo by Nacho Domínguez Argenta on Unsplash