Vegan wine is wine that hasn't used any animal derived finings (such as gelatine, isinglass, egg whites or milk proteins) in the wine making process. All of our wines are vegan and we personally source all of our wines for their sustainability and taste. Not sure which wines to choose? Try our wine recommendation service here.

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    Michelini Brothers Verdes Cobardes Vegan Wine

    Michelini Brothers Verdes Cobardes 2017

    Verdes Cobardes is a delightful blend of Sauvignon Blanc (43%), Semillon (35%), Viognier (12%) and Chardonnay (10%). Each grape contributes something to create a fresh, fruity and incredible drinkable wine.

    not rated £14.99
  • Axel Pauly Generations Mosel Riesling Feinherb Vegan Wine

    Axel Pauly Generations Mosel Riesling Feinherb 2019

    The Generations Riesling is a beautiful off dry Riesling from Mosel. It has a slight sweetness but high acidity, which makes it perfectly balanced. As a result, this is a very enjoyable Riesling.

    not rated £15.99
  • Flor del Inca Malbec Vegan Wine

    Flor del Inca Malbec 2019

    A fresh fruity Malbec from Argentina. On the nose, you get plenty of red fruits with some floral notes such as violet. On the palate, you get a refreshing acidity with more red fruit flavours.

    not rated £10.50
  • Le Vin De Levin Gamay 2010 Vegan Wine

    Le Vin De Levin Gamay 2010 (Cellar Release, Limited)

    This is a delightful mature organic wine that is smooth, silky and complex. There is still plenty of acidity keeping it fresh, and the tannins are soft and well integrated.

    not rated £14.99
  • Fantasia Torrontes Vegan Wine

    Fantasia Torrontés 2018

    This is a wonderful Argentinian Torrontés that leans towards the exotic. Think jasmine scent and lychees with decent acidity to keep it fresh and zesty.

    not rated £12.99
  • Las Mercedes Singular Semillon Vegan Wine

    Las Mercedes Semillion 2016

    A single varietal Semillion from Chile’s famous Maule Valley. On the nose, you get fresh citrus aromas with a little minerality. On the palate, you get concentrated fruit flavours with a refreshing acidity. Overall, this is a full-bodied wine with a long finish.

    not rated £16.50
  • Serbal Cabernet Franc Vegan Wine

    Serbal Cabernet Franc 2017

    A superb example of a single varietal Cabernet Franc. You get green pepper and graphite notes on the notes, and succulent red berry and herbaceous flavours coming through on the palate. Absolutely delicious.

    not rated £16.50
  • Awatere River Pinot Noir Vegan Wine

    Awatere River Pinot Noir 2018

    This New Zealand Pinot Noir is an aromatic, fruit forward wine with abundant flavours of cherry, red berries and plum. Overall, this is an elegant wine, that really demonstrates the fruit characteristics of a good Marlborough Pinot Noir.

    not rated £17.99
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    Serbal Assemblage 2016

    Serbal Assemblage 2016

    You can read more about the winemakers: Atamisque.
    not rated £13.50
  • Cortese Nostru Carricante Vegan Wine

    Cortese Nostru Organic Carricante 2017

    Carricante is a native grape to Sicily, more specifically it is indigenous to the Etna region. It is a fresh white wine with good minerality.

    not rated £12.50