Vegan wine is wine that hasn't used any animal derived finings in the wine making process. All of our wines are vegan and we personally source all of our wines for their sustainability and taste. Not sure which wines to choose, try our wine recommendation service here.

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  • Fancy Pants Garnacha Vegan Wine

    Fancy Pants Garnacha 2017

    Delicious red with berries and cherries from the underrated Cariñena region of Spain. Fresh, clean and refreshing. Perfect with or without food.

  • Boschendal The Pavillion Chenin Blanc Vegan Wine

    Boschendal Pavillion Chenin Blanc 2017

    This Chenin Blanc offers brilliant exotic tropical fruit aromas with subtle guava and pink grapefruit notes. On the palate, you get a dry wine with great acidity and tropical aftertaste.

    not rated £7.99
  • Artigianale Vegan Prosecco

    Artigianale Prosecco

    Crisp and elegant with flavours of green apple and honeysuckle. This is a natural Prosecco that is also low sulphur and organic.

    not rated £15.95
  • Graffiti Varietal Malbec Vegan Wine

    Graffiti Malbec 2017

    A classic easy drinking Malbec, plump and supple in texture with just a tint of oak and bags of fruit. The wine has underlying vibrancy bringing it alive.

    not rated £12.99
  • Amélie Les Bubbles Vegan Wine

    Amélie Les Bubbles Blanquette de Limoux

    Amélie Les Bubbles is a delightful sparkling wine made using the traditional method. It has good bubbles with flavours of peach, apple and some white flowers.

    not rated £12.99
  • Amélie Blanc Vegan Wine

    Amélie Blanc 2015

    An interesting white wine made from an unusual mix of Viognier, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc that results in a crisp white with floral aromas.

    not rated £8.99
  • Amélie Malbec Vegan Wine

    Amélie Malbec 2016

    A deliciously drinkable Malbec that is full of rich black fruit flavours and perfectly balanced tannins. A great example of a French Malbec.

  • La Douzieme Vegan Wine

    La Douzieme Syrah Viognier 2010

    Experimental natural wine from the heart of Languedoc. It is an earthy wine with interesting liquorice flavours and herbal aromas, whilst retaining a good fruit balance. This wine is naturally hazy because it’s completely unfined.

  • Boschendal Reserve Vin d Or Vegan Wine

    Boschendal Noble Late Harvest Vin d’Or 2016

    An amazing dessert wine with hits of tangerine, tropical fruit and honeysuckle. This is a naturally sweet wine that truly delivers on flavour without being cloying.

    not rated £9.99
  • Brampton Sauvignon Blanc Vegan Wine

    Brampton Sauvignon Blanc 2018

    Rich and tropical with flavours of passion fruit and guava. A really zingy dry Sauvignon Blanc that is great on a hot summer’s day.

    not rated £8.99

Why is wine not vegan?

Wine is not vegan if it has been fined (clarified) with animal-derived products, such as gelatine, isinglass, egg whites or milk proteins. However, some wine is vegan.

The long answer

The reason why a lot of wine isn't vegan is down to finings. Finings (or more accurately, fining agents) are added to the wine during the clarification process to remove sediment from the wine. Fining agents are proteins that effectively stick to the sediment and bind them together to make bigger particles that can then be filtered out. Fining agents can be derived from animals, for example:

  • Gelatine (derived from animal skin and connective tissue).
  • Isinglass (derived from fish bladders).
  • Albumen (egg whites).
  • Casein (milk proteins).

Or can be plant-based to make the resulting wine vegan. Common plant-based finings include:

  • Bentonite clay
  • Activated charcoal
  • Silica gel
  • Pea gelatine

However, fining wine is not always necessary or even desirable. If left long enough, gravity will naturally settle all the sediment at the bottom of the barrel, which can then be racked off before the wine is bottled. Some winemakers feel that fining wine removes flavours and aromas from the wine to the detriment of the end product.


Most wines that have used plant-based finings are not labelled as vegan, which can make it difficult to find. However, all our wine is vegan and some of the major supermarkets now label their own brand wine. Alternatively, you can go for natural wines, which are not fined or filtered. A lot of winemakers will proudly label their wines as unfiltered or unfined so you know it is free of animal bits. You should also look out for variants of this in other languages, for example: non-filtre (French wines), sins-filtrar (Spanish wines) or non-filtrato (Italian wines).

A word of warning though; even though natural wine is vegan, it doesn’t mean that organic and biodynamic wines are always vegan friendly. Organic and biodynamic purely refers to the way in which the grapes are grown, not the processing involved. You can read more about organic wines here.

You can be safe in the knowledge that all wine available from Vegan Wine Box is vegan (as well as sustainable and delicious!).