Fancy Pants Frizzante Moscato 2015


Sweet, slightly sparkling white wine from Spain, in the same style as Moscato. Peach and delicate fruit flavours make this a delightful summer wine.

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About the wine

Frizzante Moscato is a lightly sparkling medium sweet wine from Spain. This Moscato is a fairly sweet wine so only buy if you like this style. However, if you do like sweeter wines, you’re in for a real treat. Because of the hot climate where the grapes are grown, this Moscato tastes of peach and melon. With its frizzante bubbles and 8% strength, this is an absolute delight on a summers day.

About the winemaker

Bodega Esteban Martin is in the Cariñena region of Spain, which is to the South-West of the larger and more famous Rioja region. Cariñena is well known for its Garnacha wines and also crisp, fruity, dry whites. Esteban Martin produces some excellent value wines without compromising on quality. The winery is a large modern site. The ground is stony and hot, perfect for those fruity flavours.





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