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Artigianale Prosecco


Crisp and elegant with flavours of green apple and honeysuckle. This is a natural Prosecco that is also low sulphur and organic.

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Artigianale have created a lovely brut Prosecco with hints of crisp apple and honeysuckle. They have produced it using classic fermentation techniques so no artificial carbonation here! Additionally, it’s completely natural, low sulphur and organic. We can’t fault it because it’s absolutely scrumptious and ticks all the eco boxes you can think of. Well done Artigianale!

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About the winemaker

Artigianale, by their own definition, have created ‘A vegan prosecco with sustainability at its heart’. They are dedicated to creating a craft product that is as environmentally friendly as it is delicious.

This Prosecco has some impressive eco credentials:

  • They use organically grown grapes.
  • They make the wine using 100% renewable energy sources.
  • The label and bottle are made from recycled materials.




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