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Welcome to our selection of Italian vegan wines. From Piedmont in the North West right down to Sicily in the South, vines are planted the full length of Italy. Italy produces some excellent wines and has some of the oldest vineyards in the world. Generally, Italy is the second largest producer of wine in the world but in some years, they are the largest.

Italy is famous for a variety of grapes that only really grow in Italy such as:

  • Sangiovese – this is a well known grape grown throughout Italy and is the main grape in Chianti. It is a very versatile grape and can be quite different depending on its growing conditions, producing red wines ranging from earthy through to fruity.
  • Glera – perhaps better known by the wine it produces: Prosecco. Everyone’s favourite sparkling wine from Italy.
  • Nebbiolo – this is a popular grape producing powerful red wines in Piedmont. Most famous for the Barolo and Barbaresco wines.
  • Montepulciano – this is the second most planted grape after Sangiovese and produces wines typified by red fruit flavours. However, when aged, you can get wines with rich chocolatey flavours as well.
  • Nero d’Avola – the main grape of Sicily, which some have compared to new world Shiraz or even Malbec.

Similar to French wine, Italian wine making is also fairly traditional. Therefore it can sometimes be difficult to find vegan wines. However, in keeping with France, there is a movement in Italy towards more natural wines, which of course are also vegan. For more information on what makes wine vegan, please click here.

Browse our selection of Italian vegan wines below:

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  • Vigneti del Salento I Muri Primitivo Vegan Wine

    Vigneti del Salento I Muri Primitivo 2018

    This Primitivo is a beautiful deep ruby red colour. It has oodles of red berry fruit aromas with a mere hint of spice. To drink, it is full bodied with nicely structured tannins and plenty of ripe fruit flavours.

    not rated £10.99
  • A Mano Negroamaro Vegan Wine

    A Mano Negroamaro 2018

    This Negroamaro has enticing aromas of ripe black fruit, spicy chocolate and liquorice notes, finished with some floral aromas. It is full-bodied with plenty of ripe fruit flavours and a long chocolate finish. It is also organic.

    not rated £11.50
  • Mediceo Chianti Vegan Wine

    Mediceo Chianti 2017

    Mediceo make an excellent value Chianti that displays all the characteristics you would hope for in a Chianti. Plenty of red cherry flavours and aromas, with warming hints of chocolate and balsamic vinegar to round it off.

    not rated £9.99
  • Ciaca Bianca Fiano Vegan Wine

    Mandrarossa Ciaca Bianca Fiano 2019

    This Fiano is intriguing. On the nose, you get a variety of aromas such as jasmine, basil, grapefruit, tomato leaf and laurel. Whereas, you get tropical fruit flavours, with a hint of herbs such as oregano and mint on the palate. Crisp, refreshing and delicious.

    not rated £11.50
  • The Italian Job Vegan Selection

    The Italian Job

    The Italian job selection consists of 6 classic Italian reds.Typically this includes wines such as Chianti, Primitivo, Negroamaro, Nero d’Avola. Perfect anytime.

    not rated £70.00
  • Poggiotondo Chianti Classico Vegan Wine

    Poggiotondo Terre di Cresci Chianti Classico 2016

    An organic Chianti Classico made from a blend of mostly Sangiovese, with a little Canaiolo (6%) and Colorino (4%). Made with old vines for added complexity and depth of flavour.

    not rated £20.99
  • A Mano Bianco Vegan Wine

    A Mano Bianco 2019

    A Mano Bianco is very aromatic with notes of peach, pears, nectarines and a little jasmine. It is delightfully crisp, which balances the ripe fruit to create a very drinkable organic white wine.

    not rated £11.50
  • Villa Sandi Prosecco Frizzante

    Villa Sandi Prosecco Frizzante Brut

    This Prosecco Frizzante is a very pale yellow in colour with fine persistent bubbles. It has a delicate fruity aroma with hints of citrus and honeysuckle. As a result, it is delightfully fresh and light-bodied.

    not rated £10.99
  • The Vegan Prosecco Case

    The Vegan Prosecco Case

    6 bottles of our extremely sustainable vegan Prosecco.

    not rated £90.00
  • Pergolino Bianco Vegan Wine

    Pergolino Bianco Veronese 2018

    This wine is a light refreshing white wine made from a blend of Garganega, Chardonnay and Trebbiano. Overall this is a nicely balanced wine that is fresh and enjoyable.

    not rated £8.99

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