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When many people think of German wines they associate them with sweet white wines, however this is not always the case. Although Germany does produce some excellent sweet whites, there is much more to German wines than these alone.

Perhaps Germany’s most famous wine is Riesling, which comes in many styles. Our personal favourites are some of the dry Rieslings, which have gentle floral notes and crisp acidity.

Germany has a number of famous wine regions. The North Westerly regions such as Pfalz, Mosel and Rheingau tend to produce whites and the more Southerly ones, such as Baden produce some excellent reds.

For wines to be marked as vegan in Germany, the packaging as well as the wine must be vegan. This includes the glue and inks used in the labelling process. Therefore the standards for German vegan wine are some of the toughest in the world. For more information on what makes wine vegan, please click here.

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