Vegan Wine FAQs

Why is not all wine vegan? In short, because of the non-vegan fining agents used by winemakers. Please check out our vegan wine page for more information.

How do you ensure the wine is vegan? This depends on where we source the wine:

  • If we get wine direct from vineyards, we visit the vineyards ourselves to verify the winemaking process and ensure the wine is vegan. For instance, we work with Polgoon, who are an English vineyard and they have been certified vegan by the Vegetarian society.
  • If we get wine from wholesalers or importers, they do the necessary checks to verify the wine is vegan and provide us with comprehensive information to confirm this.

Where can I taste your wines? We are doing a selection of markets and fairs across the UK, so come along, meet us and try our wines. For dates, please look at our Vegan Events page.

Subscription box FAQs

Can I choose the date payments get taken for my subscription box? Not at this time. All payments will be taken on the 1st of the month. However, if you would like your subscription date changed to the 15th of the month, please get in touch and we can update this manually for you.

What wine will I receive in my subscription box? You will receive a selection of vegan wines that we have chosen. We will vary our selections across new and old world wines, and mix well known grape varieties with less familiar ones. You can choose to have all red, all white or a mixture.

For more details, see the Subscription Boxes page.

What happens if I don’t like a wine I receive in my subscription box? Let us know which wine it is and we will try to avoid similar wines in the future.

Delivery FAQs

What is the cost of delivery? Please see our delivery information page for more details.

What happens if I’m not in when my wine comes? We will take your wine back to the depot and attempt another wine delivery.

Other FAQs

I’ve received an email from, is this you? Yes, it is. We need to be sure that we are not selling wine to under 18s, so we run background checks to verify your age using the age verification provider If these fail, we will email you with an link so you can self verify your age. Once we have confirmation that you are over 18, we can process your order.

How can I stay informed of news and offers? You can sign up to our mailing list here.

Do you use vegan ink? We use vegan ink for all our printing needs. In house we use an Epson printer with vegan inks and have worked with a vegan business to produce our business cards, promotional banners etc. Our business cards are even made from recycled coffee cups, which is really satisfying! Our printing is all done by Hatch who are vegan certified printers. You can view their ethical policy here.

Is the glue in your boxes vegan? Yes it is. We have a statement from the glue manufacturer here.

What is your sustainability policy? Please see our ethical page for more details.