We are an ethical company with a proportion of our profits being donated to animal charities. In the future, we aim to become an employer of those who may find it difficult to find work elsewhere. You can find out more about us on our About page.

Our intention is to source vegan wine for you to enjoy whilst minimising our impact on the planet. Obviously, by choosing vegan wine, we go some way to achieve this. Since no animals are harmed in the course of producing the wine.

We are also working with English and Welsh vineyards where possible. Not only because English and Welsh wine deserves some recognition but because it reduces the travel and carbon footprint associated with the wine.

You can read more about how we assess the sustainable credentials of wine here: Sustainable Wine.

Sustainability policy

We recognise that due to the nature of our business, we have a lot of packaging but we try to ensure this is recycled / recyclable where possible. The boxes we use to dispatch wine are either reused or mostly made from recycled materials. The tape we use to seal the boxes is made from paper to reduce our plastic waste and ensure it can be recycled. Any bubble wrap or air pockets used to pack your wine is reused packaging from other deliveries – we do not buy any plastic packaging. The environmental policy of the box manufacturer is here. We have also validated that the glue used in the boxes is vegan, a statement from the glue manufacturer is here. If you are in the Bristol area, you can also contact us and we will collect the boxes back from you to reuse.

We use vegan ink for all our printing needs. In house we use an Epson printer with vegan inks and have worked with a vegan business to produce our business cards, promotional banners etc. Our business cards are even made from recycled coffee cups, which is really satisfying! Our printing is all done by Hatch who are vegan certified printers. You can view their ethical policy here.

We use Vegware cups for wine samples at shows and fairs because these are plant-based and compostable. You can read more about Vegware’s materials here.

We send the tasting notes via email to reduce printing and paper waste.

We have a strict recycling policy in house and recycle / reuse everything we can. It would be great if you can do the same. We also hope you recycle the wine bottles (or maybe make lamps from them!) once you have finished the wine.

We will keep working over time to reduce our impact and waste further.