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Vegan Sparkling Wine
How much should I spend on wine?

So the big question is, how much should you spend on wine? Obviously, this is down to budget and personal taste. If you have a penchant for Chablis, then the answer is quite a bit! However, there are some guidelines … Read More


Winemakers We source wine from a variety of winemakers around the world; you can read more about them here: Argentinian Australian Chilean English and Welsh French German Italian New Zealand Portuguese South African Spanish Uruguayan Argentinian Winemakers Atamisque The Atamisque … Read More

Boschendal Le Bouquet Vegan Wine
Boschendal Le Bouquet 2018

Le Bouquet is a delightful medium-sweet wine made from Chenin Blanc, Muscat and Chardonnay grapes. If you like your whites on the sweeter side, this is definitely the wine for you.… Read More

Boschendal Lanoy Vegan Wine
Boschendal Lanoy 2016

Lanoy is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is a classic Bordeaux blend from the Southern hemisphere with plenty of dark fruit and spice.… Read More

Amelie Malbec Bottle of Wine
LDN Vegans Review Our Wine (Part 2)

We recently got in touch with LDN vegans to see if they’d be interested in doing a review of our wines, and like most of us given the chance of drinking some wine, they jumped at it. You can see … Read More

Porã Py'a de Chile Merlot Vegan Wine
Porã Py’a de Chile Merlot 2015

A classic new world Merlot from Chile that gives you plenty of dark luscious fruit on the nose followed by lots of plum and dark berry flavours. This wine has firm tannins and is well balanced, making it a very easy drinking wine.… Read More

Homemade Pizza
Matching wine and vegan food

If you read a lot about wine and food pairings, you’ll know that there are lots of rules and it can get really confusing. We have put together this blog to try to demystify this, and offer some tried and … Read More

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