Supporting Dean Farm Trust and its animal sanctuary

Dean Farm Trust Sheep

When we started out, we decided that we would donate a percentage of our profits to charity. We have already picked out the first Vegan Wine Box charity; Dean Farm Trust ( We met them at our first ever vegan fair in Portishead earlier this year.

Dean Farm Trust are a charity and animal sanctuary just outside Chepstow. Not only do they rescue animals and give them a home for life, they also work hard to educate people on the abuse of animals. They focus on things like factory farming, intensive breeding and cruel sports to help people make informed decisions. We believe this approach is really effective in reducing animal exploitation and helping make the world a fairer place. So this is why they are the first official Vegan Wine Box charity.

As time has gone on, we’ve realised that businesses take money (a lot!!) to set up and run in the early days. Given we aren’t going to see any profit for a while, we decided we needed to take a different approach if we wanted to make a donation this year.

Enter the branded tote bag!

Vegan Wine Box Tote Bags

From time to time, people ask us for a bag when they buy wines from us at vegan fairs. In the past, we have just said No (we definitely didn’t want to go down the plastic bag route…). So we decided to have some tote bags made that we could sell or give out at vegan fairs. All proceeds from selling these bags will go to Dean Farm Trust. Or we will make a £2 donation if we give them away.

The other weekend at Stroud vegan fair, we had our first customer (bag that is, not wine!). A very nice lady bought 4 bottles of wine from us so seemed a worthy recipient of our first tote bag. So we are pleased to announce we have now started our donation pot for Dean Farm Trust.

Dean Fram Trust Jar

You can get one of these special bags from us for £2 (or free if you buy a lot of wine!) We will donate the full price to Dean Farm Trust.

We had a 100 bags printed up, so help us donate £200 to Dean Farm Trust this year. Come and buy some wine and a bag next time you see us at a vegan fair.