Plant Powered Protein

      A common concern when considering a plant-based diet is lack of protein. We have all been led to believe that meat is the predominant source of protein in our diets. Most people are familiar with alternative protein sources such as … Read More

      Vegan Banana Pancakes

      Some people think a plant-based diet can lack the indulgence of an old fashioned diet but this is simply not true. One of my favourite breakfasts, hands down is vegan banana pancakes, there’s nothing greater than eating some freshly made … Read More

      Why isn’t all wine vegan?

      What? Some wine isn’t vegan? No, it’s true. Despite wine being essentially alcoholic grape juice, a lot of it isn’t vegan at all.  Why isn’t all wine vegan then? One of the stages in wine making is clarification, where suspended … Read More

      Vegan Pizza With Tempeh Pepperoni

      My favourite thing to cook has to be Pizza. There is a great misconception that pizza has to have cheese on it but I think this is wrong. I have had many a delicious pizza without cheese and often enjoyed … Read More

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